Helena Wagener - Cape Town

Helena Wagener - Cape Town


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The form opens me - into that spaceless, timeless place, into my body, into my patterns and into my relating. It opens me to mystery both beyond my known reality and in each seemingly "ordinary" moment.

At first it was the deep peace and stillness which I found in the practice which called me. Today I also love the pressure the form brings to bear on the structures which I erected to keep life out and the way the breaking open of my heart brings that stillness right into my every day relating.

The form has changed me and keeps changing me. I no longer pay as much attention to my mind which is a great relief as my mind can get very busy and carries a lot of internal conflict. The form and the teaching around the form has shown me that my mind and feelings are but a small part of who I am. The relief of simply stepping out of the mind and into the heart is indescribable. 

Teaching the form keeps the mystery deepening, Each person whom I share with opens me beyond my sense of being a separate self.

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