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A Profound Vehicle of Awakening and Self-Mastery

The Form is silence, Truth moving Love. A moving expression of Truth and Love, silence and movement. When you are utterly still you see the entire Universe is a movement of Grace coming from and going nowhere. It flows out of nowhere and moves as everywhere.
— B Prior, Originator of The Form

A Movement of Prayer ~ A Moment of Reality
~ A Body of Mystery

The Form Reality Practice is a profound vehicle of Awakening and Self-Mastery.  It brings Real Presence and New Consciousness into all aspects of Life.


The Form opens you up to the Deep and unites formless and formed Consciousness.


In The Form, deeper openings in Being and in the body become truly possible. You begin to move in Life in an integrated way.


Every time you dance The Form, you have new insight, new vision, new passion and new Life. As Awareness, you bring new levels of Consciousness into your self-development.


The transmission in The Form awakens and realigns you to your own Pure Being. It is a frequency that forever expresses deeper Realisation.



"The Form is an entry into Being. I am knowing my true state that is continually opening, deepening and revealing where and how Life flows. It is a holy, wholly ‘non-experience’ of authentic connection to so much more than a ‘personal experience of self’. It is calling me Home."

- Tere, UK