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The practice of The Form speeds up your consciousness and your ability to move in a new way of Being.
— B Prior

AN EXCERPT FROM A FORM TEACHER CALL WITH B PRIOR, 1 APRIL 2018 - Turn Your Gaze To The Light Of Your Knowing

Whilst we relate to the Knowing of our Being within our heart, we see each other as the light of Love and Being and we will have compassion for the human levels of our self, always in constant transformation for we are ascending beings, dynamic in the manner of response to our Being and profoundly real and still in the depth of our awakening.

See that when you turn your gaze to the light of Knowing you shine IN it AS it. Discover, you can still shine in it as it even as a level of self releases. You will realise that life makes What You Are as a profound Being, physical.

Often when we go really deep, that shifts the energy of a patterned way of self. We have trained ourselves to read the pattern as our self.  Now simply be Awareness reading and knowing the patterns of the universe, the patterns of self and the patterned way of relating, be Awareness reading all that. Then you won't be 'it’ will you? And you won't hate it. You begin to understand what this is and know What You Are and know you ever deeper because you have no end.

By and by as we're true to Knowing it changes our experience of our body. When we practice The Form there is nothing that we love more than the Being filling up our body and our body being one with our Being. We practice The Form because we come upon the immediate embodiment as a Being. It needs to be integrated into the self by relating directly as a Being in our body in our self, though our person with each other.

Then we literally begin to realise with sweet innocence that we are a body of Being moving. Never have we been anything else. It's just that we allowed this idea of our name through mind and self to hijack the open experience of Beingness-aware-embodied. 


Q: What Happens in The Practice of The Form?

B: “In the practice of The Form, the way in which you bring the dance into form transfigures, reconfigures the entire existence of you. Through The Form, you learn self-mastery, self-love and the movement of the radiant heart in how you move, how you meet and how you flow.

The more you practice The Form, it begins to change the way in which you move in your life together - mentally, emotionally and physically. The Form takes your false identity and turns it into the possibility of enlightenment and a way of life. Then the body becomes a gift, a demonstration of our ability to transform and give expression of what we are as eternal Light. Each movement is a code; it comes from the deep.

As you practice, you learn to completely surrender your personal identity and drop into your original nature. You begin to experience your original nature up through the core of your heart, into your body, into your self and into your mind. You begin to be able as Conscious Awareness to breathe every level of your Divine nature, every level of your self in its transformation. You marry it.

As you dance, you begin to be aware you can read the levels of your self and their transformation and the unseen levels of your Being. You begin to open to them and you begin to understand your self and its possibility from the nature of your deeper levels you are perceiving with your heart and with your Being.

Just one dance of the Form is like a year of your life. You’re speeding up your ability to move as a Being. You’re speeding up your ability to come into the Deep and move in the Deep. You’re also speeding up your ability to understand yourself without complaining and blaming. Instead of hating yourself, you begin to love yourself. You begin to have compassion for the movement of Life and its development from your heart.

In the movement of the Form, you begin to enter levels and you truly begin to see: “I understand this. I get this. This is reality”. The dance itself begins to undo levels of self that have been causing you difficulty for some time and you have found quite difficult to understand. In the movement of the Form, you become able as Awareness to bring new levels of Consciousness into your self-development. It is not just a practice that you do and “I’ve done it.” Every time you dance, you’ll have new insight, new vision, new passion and a new life. In every dance, there’s a different consciousness opening and a different consciousness moving and self-developing. You’ll begin to see this is your everyday life.

You begin to see the Light in everyone. You begin to understand the dilemma of your self-development because unless you are seated back in your Divine Heart, you’ll never understand this self, this Life. I invite you to come, come and explore consciousness with me. Explore what you are, awareness, with me. It’s beautiful. It’s fascinating, and it’s real. YOU are reality. You’re recreating it. Come and discover the wisdom of this."


Q: What Happens As You Move in The Form…

B: “In The Form, you are actually learning that both form and Consciousness spring up together and they are both evolving in profound Awareness. When you are moving, give your whole orientation of movement to subtlety and gentleness. You will then discover as Awareness-Knowing that you are moving as a Being and as a Being you move on more levels than just this density of humanness. As you move as a Being on other levels, then this density moves as You, moves as Love and is no longer dense. It is a river of Love coming from an ocean of what You truly Are.

When you dance the form, you awaken in more or what you are as Awareness-Knowing. When you are moving the body as you dance, you are not moving the body, you are moving all that You are – Awareness-Knowing moving. Your Being streams this Life; it does not create it from any thoughts or feelings of past or even hopes and dreams which all pass away. It creates from what does not pass away which is You as Awareness-Knowing. Stay with it and watch the miracle as what You actually Are begins to live as You.” 


Q: What is The Deeper Invitation Within The Form?

B: “The nature of The Form is that you don’t practice it and that’s it. It’s the same as the nature of your life. It’s totally dependent on where you reach into, come from and move by. Your life is dependent of how you reach more of your inner space, more of your deeper mystery. If you live by what your self tells you, what the world tells you, you’ll not live by the mystery of You. You’ll simply live by the codes of the world. Do this. Do that. And that’s upon generation upon generation upon generation.

The Form is an invitation to move beyond that. The Form is an encoded movement just like your body is. Your body is encoded to open to your Being, to the Universe, to the stars.” 



Q: How Does The Form Relate to Everyday Life?

B: “If you approach the structures of your life in the way you approach the practice of The Form, your life becomes alive with that Goodness. It's not that your ordinary life is any less than the practice of The Form. It's your identification with you as a self and your self-forms that causes your ‘stuckness’ or ordinariness. 

You are awakening through the door of your heart to more of the Goodness that is of your own Real Being. You can step in your life the same manner in which you're practicing The Form. That's the objective of The Form. One practice of The Form is like a year of movement in your life, so take the opportunity to fully open in the practice of The Form. Really deepen and open more and more and more. 

The Form also is inviting you to surrender your old ways of relating to you, your body and your movement. The high frequencies of the codes within the practice of The Form then begin to be available to your ordinary life. 

Instead of needing relief from your ordinary life, need no relief from it. Moving your ordinary life in the same manner of openness that you practice The Form with. Your life will change. 

Within your life and within the practice of The Form, you’re learning to raise the vibration of your intelligence, your awareness, your consciousness and your form. You're raising it. 

In the same manner that you're practicing The Form, see difficulties and challenges within your ordinary life as doors to your heart. You then realize deeper and deeper power to move within that difficult. That Goodness, that power, will begin to flood your life. That's what's available to you. Like a child, your entering will be more innocence and brightness. 

As one Realiser said, "Knock and the door will open. Walk in and all will be given." This is what we're doing. By awakening, we're knocking the door of our heart. Knock it with confidence and it will open. But you must walk in to your heart for all that is in there - your goodness, your Being, your love, to be given to you. You must walk in but understand this: The moment you walk in to your heart, your entire life will be knocking your heart to come in.”



Q: I have been practicing meditation since I was young and that meditation form uses Mantra as a vehicle to go deep. My question is: Is the movement the vehicle in The Form?

B: Is the movement the vehicle? No, it's the frequency that moves The Form, the frequency that we move in forms the form of the movement.

These are deep meaningful things we are sharing in this life. When one sings a Mantra, the Mantra is the form of a frequency that is MORE than the Mantra. That is the same as saying: “Your body is a Mantra-form of what you really are in your Divine Presence, what you are in your Presence is animating, creating and moving the body.

This body is only one of your bodies. This is the microcosm of the macrocosm of your enormous great body, which is the Universe. The Universe is your real body. This physical body is just one body in the Universal Body. 

You move your hands and the Universe move. What you are is manifesting and moving the Universe in the Deep of what You truly are. This human life is a mini-form of your large movement of the Universe.

Your body is the form of the Mantra, your life is its song but You are the Power that is manifesting and moving it. The Mantra just puts you back in touch with what You are at essence. Believe first what you are knowing at the Heart. That knowing is believing that You are eternal because You are!

But you must live that manner. You must live in the way of the Eternal. How do you do that? By simply being True to the depth of your heart. That's all! That will form a different kind of life. That kind of Life matches the movement of the Universe and its Source.



Q:  Today I kept seeing the image of a triangle and square. Yesterday when I was practicing giving, when I put my hands on the shoulder of my partner, I first felt the pulse of my partner, then I became one with the pulse, then it became one with the pulse of the Universe.

B:  This is the only pulse of the Universe. The pulse of no-thing pulsing into everything is the very pulse in your own heart. As Awareness returns to its deeper nature, the finer levels of mind have symbols in them rather than things. They're codes appearing on the deeper level of mind as symbols, but they're powerful symbols. They represent what's deeper than symbols. If you were to look at any level of form with your interior eye, it would be made up of a great deal of geometry. The geometry represents the different codes of energetics that create three-dimensional form in great space. Nonetheless, that's phenomena. Head beyond phenomena. That's just a station, like a bus stop.

Go beyond the image, then you won't get distracted and the levels of imagery are moved by You as the power beyond. Otherwise you'll limit yourself. All the elements in the Universe can be mastered, but only by a True Heart. The elements won't obey a false sense of self. Hence, our weather patterns are going crazy because there's so much self on the planet. If enough humans woke up to their divine nature, the elements would come into line with our divine nature and be in harmony.

Every element in the Universe obeys the universal law, and that universal law is: "What you believe in will manifest." If you believe you're a separate sensed identity, you'll have a continued experience of separate sensed identity and all the conditions that come with it. If you really know and believe you are with the Universe and all beings are one with the Universe, that will come into your experience. Be clear about this, the elements are also part of your manifestation of your body, the manifestation of the body of the Universe. All the elements follow the direction of your energy. Give your energy to that that's false, the elements will manifest that that's false. Give your energy to Truth, the elements manifest Truth.  

You've come up to a wonderful gate or door. Travel through it. You do that by softening, deepening, and simply being True. Softening, deepening, and opening. When you're soft, your heart opens and you're knowing the frameworks of the Living Truth. When you're hard, you're knowing separation. That's why I point you towards softening, deepening and opening in The Form. That cleanses your body, your mind, your heart and your life.