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Quotes About The Form

From The Originator, B Prior



"What opens up in moving in The Form is vast space with no one in it. There is movement as Pure Self inside a place that has no self. This is the union of form and formlessness."


"The Form is you entering the selfless deep spaciousness that is You. There is no one dancing it and there is no other on the chair. There is no room, there is no planet, no stars, no other. I am in what I am and I am discovering in what I am. This is The Form. It is Goodness moving." 


"When we practice The Form there is nothing that we love more than the Being filling up our body and our body being one with our Being."


"What The Form demonstrates is that this body living and moving is a re-encodement of your beliefs and will live your belief. If you’re coming from the Deep, the body-mind re-codes itself from where you are coming because your destiny is to live so from the Deep and not from a timeline, that your body is made from the Deep and you will not know death.” 


"The practice of The Form un-blinds your heart, unfolds your mind and unfolds the greater reality that you actually are." 


"When we dive into the practice of The Form together, What I Am will show you how to function the deeper levels up into the human surface of experience. That is Self-Realisation, self-transformation, self-transcendence and the making of new life on the surface of humanity."


“The Practice of The Form is going into the subconscious, going into the unconscious and undoing the patterns before they come up to the surface.”


"In the practice of The Form, we are changing from identification with movement as physical or mental to movement being of Beingness. Most people will not make this change until the body dies. Those people who are wise enough to make the change before the body drops away, are the beginnings of a new human society moved by their Being and not by mental old ways. 

Essentially the practice of The Form is the letting go of old ways and the movement of Being developing the new way -- the true way of Being. It is a subtle change. The change is from thinking: "That's my hand." to: "Prior to that hand moving, my Being is moving and the spaciousness that I am as Awareness is without beginning or end."


"In the practice of The Form, I am not teaching you to read the person on the chair. I am demonstrating something. You are reading the lights of everyone's Being and how much that light comes out of your body. It would not matter whose light you went into, it would land you back in the same source.”


“In the movement of the hands in The Form, you are reading deeper than your usual way Home. Instead of your way home being outside, down the street, to the station, when you are practising The Form, you are reading your way Home inside, reopening the pathways from which you poured from." 


“When you're practising The Form, you're touch that that is deeper than you or the one on the chair. It's those deeper levels when you're open which stream through the human system of lights.”


"When we sit and turn our palms up and when we close our eyes, that is a vast spaciousness that is your True Self. It looks like you are looking into the blackness but truly you are omnipresent, the omnipresence within the space. You are not looking from a point out. You are the whole endless vastness -- Awareness. The practice of The Form is turning your reality inside-out. Come inside. All forms are manifesting in your total awareness."


“When Awareness moves, it moves profoundly. That allows us to practice The Form and its codes as an awakening inner reality inside that begins to change our perspective of Life as someone separate from everyone else and the Universe."


"Your body is your first mudra or code. It requires you as Awareness to go in it and beyond it to open all the codes.

As you practice the codes in the dance of The Form, you'll begin to have a sense of quiet powerful opening within because whilst you're familiar with your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, your body, your life, no code can open for you. You will not recognise it.
There needs to be more quiet gentle openness that starts with your heart. Then in the practice of The Form, the codes will open deeper levels of your Being."

"The Form invites you to come deeper than whatever is separate." 


"The Form is an evolutionary developmental practice -- evolutionary in that it evolves the consciousness of the practitioner and developmental in that the evolution of the consciousness is enabled to develop the self, the person, the life." 


"In practice of The Form, we are endeavouring to go as deep as we can. We are endeavouring to move in the worlds in the Deep. We are not looking at the person on the chair; we are entering the energy and the consciousness that brings all the form together. This is why you have unusual experience in the practice of The Form because you are being taken to deeper levels. You can't use mind in the deeper levels. You can't use feeling in the deeper levels. They don't need it. They are already pure, unchangeable."


"When you are practising The Form, you are the movement of the Deep. In sense perception, the movement of the Deep is the transference of that Light through sense perception. Sometimes you get heat in the hands, in the body. So many humans are so closed that they are frightened of these energies but they are the deeper level of You coming up. When the deeper levels come up and form, we trans-form the human nervous system by belonging to our heart." 


“The Form matches your deep Knowing as Awareness with the movement of your life, giving you unending access to profound Consciousness creating profound forms as the expression of your Being.”


“The Form speeds up the process of you knowing that you are Divine and entering that place. The Form brings about the awakening of YOU as Awareness-Knowing having a body, having a self, moving Life forward.”


"The Form is a Realised Movement to bring down the frequencies of True Meaning into a body. There is a relationship between the practice of The Form, your everyday life and your deepening into Self-Realisation and Enlightenment having a body that is embodying Love in its Light.”


“When you dance The Form, you awaken in more of what You truly are.”


“When you walk in the Black fully awake, it creates Light. From light to matter, you form your self. Walking awake produces the light that creates new Life and encodes a new Reality. This is The Form.”


"As you practice The Form, the depths of it begin to open. It draws you to cease identifying so forcibly with your past. It draws you to identify with the entrance to your heart. You begin to learn and understand that as you are moving, you are moving into the Deep. Even though your body is moving, you are moving into the formless Deep. That’s like a calling of your own Beloved."


“When you dance The Form, the core of the silence is the Real You.”


“Don’t get familiar with The Form.
If you think you’ve done it before, you’ve just gone back to the past.
Give it respect.
Give it the time it needs.
Give it your Heart.
It will reveal your eternal nature.”


"The Heart is the door to what you seek.
The Heart is the door to your innermost Being which has endless levels of Goodness.
You are invited with every breath to enter every level of Goodness of the Deep You.
The Goodness wants your heart, your body, your life.
The Goodness doesn't have any opposite.
The practice of The Form is a direct reflection of Life in this movement."


"The Form is silence; Truth moving Love. A moving expression of Truth and Love, silence and movement. When you are utterly still you see the entire Universe is a movement of Grace coming from and going nowhere. It flows out of nowhere and moves as everywhere."


"The symbols of The Form come from the Deep. They are all True Forms united in the Deep coming through True Self. That is why they work."


“In the practice of The Form, the way in which you bring the dance into form transfigures, reconfigures the entire existence of you. Through the Form, we learn self-mastery, self-love and the movement of the radiant heart in how we move, how we meet and how we flow.”


"One dance of The Form is like a year of your life. You're speeding up your ability to move as a Being. You're speeding up your ability to come into The Deep and move from The Deep. You're also speeding up your ability to understand your self without complaining or blaming. Instead of hating your self, you begin to love your self. You begin to have compassion for the movement of Life and its development from The Heart." 


"In the movement of The Form, you begin to enter levels and you truly begin to see: 'I understand this! I get this! This is Reality!' In the dance, you begin to undo levels of self that have been causing you some difficulty for some time and that you found quite difficult to understand. In the movement of The Form, you begin to bring new levels of Consciousness into your self-development."


"The practice of The Form and the giving of The Form is a transmission of The Deep. In the practice of The Form you’re aligned with deep realisation and you’re transmitting it. Not only is the transmission awakening you to your own Pure Being, it’s awakening others that are receiving this too.”


“The Form is a Realised Movement to bring down the frequencies of True Meaning into a body. What happens in the Consciousness and in the body – Still Presence – is then able to move as Meaning.”


“The Form helps the transformation of your self-vehicle by having entrance into your unseen nature and awakening to that.”


"The Form Reality Practice is the awakening to the deeper formless levels of You and bringing them into form. Higher Reality is what You are streamed into form."


“The Form helps you know the levels of yourself, its development and lack of development. There is the fineness of the movement, far more subtle than personal experience. That opens deeper levels of Being that you have not yet fully entered. They are your destiny to be poured into the form of You.” 


“In The Form, you are actually learning that both form and Consciousness spring up together and they are both evolving in profound Awareness. When you are moving, give your whole orientation of movement to subtlety and gentleness. You will then discover as Awareness-Knowing that you are moving as a Being and as a Being you move on more levels than just this density of humanness. As you move as a Being on other levels, then this density moves as You, moves as Love and is no longer dense. It is a river of Love coming from an ocean of what You truly Are."


When you dance the form, you awaken in more or what you are as Awareness-Knowing. When you are moving the body as you dance, you are not moving the body, you are moving all that You are, Awareness-Knowing moving. Your Being streams this Life; it does not create it from any thoughts or feelings of past or even hopes and dreams which all pass away. It creates from what does not pass away which is You as Awareness-Knowing. Stay with it and watch the miracle as What You Are begins to live as You.”


“When the Beingness that is knowing thought and feeling is not contained by them, then thoughts and feelings give expression to the enormity of what we are. This is all in the practice of The Form.”


“The practice of The Form speeds up your consciousness and your ability to move in a new way of Being.”


“The Form teaches you to move your deeper mystery into your body. You move it by responding to what you know to be True regardless of any resistance mentally or emotionally. Then it comes alive in your human experience. The Form helps you access your deeper mystery, realise your deeper mystery, commune with your deeper mystery, and then move it."


“The practice of The Form is a porthole into the realization of Beingness. Anything that you do or touch or create is a porthole. Every form in the Beyond is a porthole into another level of that realm.”


“There are so many levels of you that are not human but they can’t open unless you belong to those levels. They are levels of you as a Being but they can’t open unless you touch them and keep knocking the door. The Form Reality Practice is you knocking the door. The door will open but you’ll need to walk in. You’ll need to give everything that you are in The Form. Then in the exchanges with The Form, you relate with your inner knowing and not the surface knowing.”


"The Form is a movement of Truth that makes possible deeper dimensions of the Unseen to have deeper forms within the body-mind and to give expression to that. Within The Form and within its movement, these deeper openings in the Being and deeper openings in the body become truly possible and truly possible to move in an integrated way. What you are learning in the practice of The Form is to move that in the movement of Life. If you're not, then The Form is just a game that you play.”


“If you are really awake, you will see there are levels of The Form that have more movement and awakening then other levels. Pay attention to those levels. Those levels will show you directly the level of form being emptied out and returned to the level of your Being that you're opening to. The Form helps you realise what's already taking place."


"The practice of The Form prepares the body and all its levels for the embodiment of the Unseen Being and its integration. It's Here already but not activated, not realised. The opportunity is Here. It's called Now."


"When you do The Form next, see what levels open in your body and how it relates to your self, your person and the exterior and follow that back to the level of your Being that's ready to open and fill those levels. You'll be surprised by what you learn but if you don't move by that knowledge then that knowledge cannot transform or heal Life. It only has entrance into the forms of Life through you because you have a form. While you have a form, your Being has entrance into the forms of Life."


“In the movement of The Form, you’re attuned to deep relaxation of the Heart”


“As you practice The Form, you’re retuning into your essence and realigning your self, your body and your awakened experience in one alignment of depth and movement.”


“The Form reflects what you are coming into even deeper than your heart and how you give that form, True Form. The Form calls you into the Deep beyond your familiar sense of relationships and the belief of an ‘other’. There is no end to what you can deepen into. Going to The Heart takes you to the source of the structure of The Form.”


“The nature of The Form is that you don’t practice it and that’s it. It’s the same as the nature of your life. It’s totally dependent on where you reach into, come from and move by. Your life is dependent of how you reach more of your inner space, more of your deeper mystery. If you live by what your self tells you, what the world tells you, you’ll not live by the mystery of You. You’ll simply live by the codes of the world. Do this. Do that. And that’s upon generation upon generation upon generation. The Form is an invitation to move beyond that. The Form is an encoded movement just like your body is. Your body is encoded to open to your Being, to the Universe, to the stars.”


“The Form demonstrates this: It’s deep. It’s powerful. It’s still. It’s quiet. It’s Love. It’s Real Form. It’s presence moving. It transmits exactly what the Pure Being is.”


“The movement of The Form makes the invisible understandable in your experience. As you move into The Form, understanding just comes in. When you don’t name those images on the screen of the mind, which is the release of sub-conscious attachments, you begin to experience a depth of blackness which is the profundity of your Pure Being. When your Pure Being moves in that blackness, it makes Light and the Universe manifests.”




“CosmoFORM links our body and the Life we are with the Cosmos. The slower you move, the more this code opens within your own Being.”


"CosmoFORM is a supercharge of what the five-part movement of The Form is! It is like a rocket! It will give you a taste of the communion of Being.”


"CosmoFORM introduces you to the Truth of your own very Being of Love; it introduces you to You. That's why it's so quick. It doesn't develop your self.  The Form develops and brings Awareness-Knowing to self-development, the evolutionary ongoing deepening and gentled understanding of Awareness expanding, Consciousness evolving and forms deepening."


“The practice of The Form is an encodement of the Unseen. Each movement is a code of your Pure Consciousness. CosmoForm links our body and the Life we are with the Cosmos. The slower you move, the more this code opens within your own Being.”


“In The Form, when you do the House of God, you can know the Highest Truth. Everything below the House of God belongs to the Highest Truth. That is why in cosmoFORM when we bring the House of God down the body, it turns into the Chalice, Knowing all the way down through the body and right to the ground.”


"cosmoFORM realigns the nervous system with the higher frequencies of your Being. As you move only aligned with your heart, this realigns your whole body, everything that you are in your nervous system. This movement re-patterns your nervous system to bring in more of your Real Light of Pure Self. This practice points you back to what you are. It makes it easy to return to what You are.”