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About The Form

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What opens up in moving in The Form is vast space with no one in it. There is movement as Pure Self inside a place that has no self. This is the union of form and formlessness.
— B Prior

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The Form is a 5-part movement which can be practiced alone or shared with another. When shared, one person sits on a chair and the other moves slowly around them in a sequence of specific movements appearing like a slow graceful dance.

With eyes closed, looking into blackness, one’s full awareness is placed on the sensations in the body and the Heart. As one moves the hands, feet and body in micro-movements whilst dancing The Form, one is using different codes in the movement. The Form recodes and encodes the structure of the human body and its expression.

The inner experience is indescribable, yet deeply known and felt. One opens as timeless, spacious Awareness in which everything takes place. The entire movement usually takes between 25 to 35 minutes.

The Form is taught worldwide by B Prior, the Originator of The Form, and by over 50 accredited teachers internationally.


The Form Helps To:

  • Become the master of your life and experience the flowering of New Consciousness.
  • Undo the patterns holding you back from your deeper potential of awakening and creating True Form.
  • Bring awakened Conscious Awareness into the body-mind instrument.
  • Integrate the Heart into embodiment and bring real depth to your relationships.
  • Profoundly read the Universe, deepen in it and realise the Light that you deeply are – the Real Self. This is Self Realisation.

"Receiving the Form, dancing the Form, I as an individual disappear. Beyond time and space, I become a part of quiet and soft movement, and I feel the breath and pulse of the Universe. Nothing is there but I am connected with everything. The Form takes me to beautiful quietness that is nothing but Love."

- Saki, Japan


Reach into Higher Consciousness...


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You are saying: YES! I am completely and utterly in this profound gift of life. I am here to live fully, giving All to function as my deepest Heart’s Knowing.

A Gateway to Higher Consciousness

cosmoFORM is an incredible gift to humanity - a powerful, easy to learn movement sequence that will change your life!

cosmoFORM brings the body into direct alignment with the cosmos, 'downloading' new energy and uplifting all past. It holds cosmic energy from the Most High and anchors it into our human body. Every level of Beingness from the macrocosm to the microcosm, from a galaxy to a human life is contained in the movement of cosmoFORM – all beings exist in the One great Being.

cosmoFORM contains quintessential frequencies of The Form-Reality Practice and yet is powerfully complete as a movement. It is free to learn and share.

Learn cosmoFORM

Play or download the audio to learn cosmoFORM now...

More About cosmoFORM

When we are coming into cosmoFORM we are literally embracing all beings, bringing them to a heart of pure profound Awareness.  We are saying: “I am one with Thee; I love Thee, I am one with Thee” as we disappear into what That is.

The House of God is ‘YOU being made new’. A greater depth of Awareness begins to descend into your consciousness and into your body-mind. You begin to know ‘more’ because you entered a profounder place and the profound must then take form. In your heart everything begins to shift.

Your heart is emptied out of all your previous identities, to be made new. You are coming to new relationship with the Profound or God, as a heart knowing that it is now embodying ‘as YOU’. Only then can it truly be offered or manifested into the world.

We will be facing old self-patterning but if we no longer belong to self, but fully give to our growing recognition that the arising of fear, pain or jealousy is ‘not who I am’ but a movement of energy , we simply begin to dis-identify with life’s movement.

Then ‘I’ as pure consciousness descend into my beautiful prepared vehicle of body-mind-movement, enabling ever- deeper places within the body that most human beings do not open to…


The difference between cosmoFORM and The Form Reality Practice

Question: Can you speak about the difference between cosmoFORM and The Form ?

B: Some of you may know that I am learning to be a pilot and I will liken cosmoFORM to the little plane I am flying, a Piper Cherokee with one little engine, but fast enough to be a super jet.

The difference between cosmoFORM and The Form lies only in the speed of the connection. CosmoFORM zooms you ‘right there’.

There is enough energy in the practice of The Form, through practitioners around the world to have created a net frequency that anybody can tap into.  You can tap into it with more immediacy than ever before and that brings it right into the body, here and now.

You are saying: “YES! I am completely and utterly in this profound gift of life. I am here to live fully, giving my All to function as my deepest heart’s Knowing.  I walk through everything as it takes place, in the wisdom practice of knowing my self. This is what I belong to - I have compassion, I have expression and I have healing hands that bring it all home.“

cosmoFORM does in no way leave out or replace the practice of the whole Form. The Form is a complete and integral practice that deepens you greatly. You continually go beyond, beyond and beyond, becoming ever-more anchored in the deep.

I am saying to practitioners to practice both.

cosmoFORM changes your consciousness as a vehicle to action what you know to be true whilst the entire Form deepens you into the very roots of your Being so that an entirely different kind of embodiment begins to take place.


The Birth of cosmoFORM


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"We are walking living pyramids transmuting the planet. The elements are in our hands as we change behaviour from limited to universal and bring the Higher into the timeline. We can change human experience by continuing to be the More. The New Dawn is in our every breath, our inspiration, step and meeting."

One of the major distractions as humans is our belief in familiarity, so we constantly create this structure, this unseen yet dense field of familiarity. This creates distortion and deception. We see past events wrapped in a stream of time that covers our up wondrous mystery.

Yet we are the singing buzz of aliveness, the impulse that pulls us forward to activate the unknown and surrender familiarity with the time-bound self.

We must practice who we really are – the timelessness that’s still conscious of the now. We must move and speak deeply from the heart, then the new dawn, new light, new sun, is always here. It says YES to engagement with all from the purest place to move everything forward.

The new season of the universe is upon us. As nature shows us, the old flowers die. The plant moves on to create new seeds and flowers.

We have no idea of what will enter our new dawn. The download of Pure Awareness leads to Pure Consciousness, which leads to pure creativity, where there is no overload, just bringing life down and through. Then comes the upload, when consciousness takes the experience, embraces it and goes with life in the upload. Then we bring the download of the new into our human bodies. This may produce a disturbance or an opening of past patterning.

We must completely offer the upload down into experience and say ‘Yes’ and take it on.

We drink the download with human experience. When we bring the upload of life and give it up to authentic self, the Most High experiences human life and integration occurs.

The lower level must be embraced by the heart space and brought up.

Be the conscious architect of new life. By embracing life fully, wherever we are is UPLOADING to spirit, and bringing A NEW DOWNLOAD into life. We can bring in a new dawn every day as we meet the higher frequencies.


The Light That You Truly Are

When we do cosmoFORM and we do like this… what’s happening is you come, you move, you arise - YOU the light that you really are - out of the heart. So when we do this, everything comes out of the heart, everything IS the heart and then the heart-light communes and opens up to the truth and the bliss and the You of Real universal life and it is as it were a current of a Divine Power that constantly comes up and comes out of the heart constantly making the body and the cosmos new in its communion of what it already is.

The moment we become familiar is the moment we become a static mirror we are twisting the mirror to avoid real relationship which is relationship between that, that we really are as the real self or reality itself and avoiding that light spreading somewhere else to our likes trying to avoid the dislike. But the moment we are not familiar we no longer see a life from the perspective of our born seeming identity and the inherent conditionality that is passed down to these body mind identities. We are suddenly free of all that. You can see this in the form and you can definitely see this in cosmoFORM because it seems to speed up the whole process. It’s instant.


The Shri Yantra

The cosmoFORM is the Sri Yantra, or the Sri Yantra is the cosmoFORM!  The downward triangles represent the Feminine Principle, the upright triangles the Masculine Principle. The Chalice to the heart is Pure Consciousness as two principles moving as One, creating the Universe.

The House of God is a download of the Absolute (new consciousness), which is then uploaded (life experience) as we bring the Chalice up again to the House of God.

Every level of being-ness from the macrocosm to the microcosm, from a galaxy to a human life is in the movement of cosmoForm - all beings exist as the One great Being!