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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Form demonstrates this: It’s deep. It’s powerful. It’s still. It’s quiet. It’s Love. It’s Real Form. It’s presence moving. It transmits exactly what Pure Being is.
— B Prior

What is the difference between The Form and cosmoFORM?

cosmoFORM introduces you to the Truth of your own very Being of Love; it introduces you to You. That's why it's so quick. It doesn't develop your self. The Form develops and brings Awareness-Knowing to self development, the evolutionary ongoing deepening and gentled understanding of Awareness expanding, Consciousness evolving and forms deepening.

The practice of The Form is an encodement of the Unseen. Each movement is a code of your Pure Consciousness. cosmoFORM links our body and the Life we are with the Cosmos. The slower you move, the more this code opens within your own Being.

cosmoFORM is a supercharge of what the five-part movement of The Form is! It is like a rocket! It will give you a taste of the communion of Being.


Who can teach The Form and cosmoFORM?

Only an accredited teacher of The Form can teach The Form. cosmoFORM can be taught by anyone who has learned it to anyone who is called to learn it.


Can I dance The Form on my Own?

The Form is a profound instrument of awakening. Uniquely it can be practiced alone or shared with another. When practiced alone, one can dance around a chair or an empty space.

When shared, one person sits on a chair; the other moves slowly around them in a sequence of specific movements. It may appear as a slow graceful dance - stillness in motion. Mainly the movements are off the body; the feet, shoulders and head are each held briefly once. The entire movement usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes.

With eyes closed and looking into blackness, one places one’s full attention on the sensations in the body. The inner experience is indescribable, yet deeply felt. One opens as unchangeable spacious Awareness in which everything takes place.


Is The Form a healing modality?

The Form is a return to the source of all healing. It is not a healing modality per se as there is no conscious intention or focus on healing and yet profound healing does take place. The intention of The Form to open the individual to their true nature as Conscious Awareness, as their Being.


How does The Form compare to other modalities?

The Form teaches you to move as Awareness itself. It is not an energy movement. It has a cosmic or realised key in it. That’s why in The Form you can feel much calmer, you can enter more Awareness. The practice of The Form comes from the Beyond, direct from Being or Pure Self. All the movements of The Form are cosmic keys that lock you into Realisation, divine patterns or original blueprints of the nature of the Universe.