Dr Pee Tek Chan - All Australia (Brisbane based)

Dr Pee Tek Chan - All Australia (Brisbane based)


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The Form is a living set of dynamic movements that is always new and that can, at any time, transit into deeper new dimensions of reality. It is a vehicle for transformation and deepening realisations. The practice has changed me profoundly in all aspects of my life. Latent potent abilities are now expressing in the form of living life.

There is a continuing deepening and learning for the teacher teaching The Form and inspiration from seeing others being touched deeply.


Regular Form Event:

Monthly Sunday Gatherings of communion, deep sharing and inspiration are open to everyone. Enquire for upcoming dates: madeleine@peetekchan.com

10am to 12.30/1pm | $22

The BrisWest Centre, 132 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane

Upcoming Form Events:
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