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“Receiving the Form, dancing the Form, I as an individual disappear. Beyond time and space, I become a part of quiet and soft movement, and I feel the breath and pulse of the Universe. Nothing is there but I am connected with everything. The Form takes me to beautiful quietness that is nothing but Love."

Saki, Japan




“Although I had learnt The Form Parts 1-5 before it truly felt like I was learning each part for the first time. I am amazed how experiences in the Form are so unique and constantly shifting … from the sensation of being a gentle wind dissolved into black space to mountains of energy pulsating from the earth into my body and heart.”

Adrian, Australia





“The Form continues to astound me in its power to open and awaken deeper and deeper levels within.”

Yvonne, Ireland







“The Form is an entry into Being. I am knowing my true state that is continually opening, deepening and revealing where and how Life flows. It is a holy, wholly ‘non-experience’ of authentic connection to so much more than a ‘personal experience of self’. It is calling me home to being in deepening Awareness-Knowing.”

Tere, U.K.





“The Form is the possibility to directly connect with emptiness that allows you to move into the Deep. Every gesture, every move is filled with Meaning that speaks directly to your heart.”

Laura, Italy




“I am knowing the Form as the way to greater embodiment of who I truly am in the Deep, in the everyday life and in this woman body. Very precious to know a way to let this Light shine and flower no matter what is happening on the body-mind level. The Form brings me to deeper Forgiveness and greater Love and Openness.”

Lara, France



“Practising The Form, I started to understand more deeply and recognise the VALUE of moving in Beingness and am now inspired to reside there more rather than in my head. The ecstasy and beauty I felt in The Form touched me profoundly. It was like making love to the entire Universe.”

Lorraine, New Zealand



“The Form is Tantra. Each movement points to the Union of the wholeness with the Heart. The Form is unfolding what we are and touches all levels. Through The Form, the knowing gets embodied.”

Barbara, Switzerland