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Form Part 1 Workshop with Minal Dhulashia

A two part workshop over two evenings of August 23 and 30 from 7 - 9.00pm

Venue: Awhina House, 27 Collins St, Addington, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand

Phone: 021 083 46466

Cost: NZD 70 (Half Price Special Introductory Offer)


The Form Reality Practice is a profound movement practice that stills the busy mind and brings you into a deep connection to your heart and source. What the practice of The Form does is attune you into deeper frequencies of your Being and allows you to move into the deep, whilst the body is also moving. You are moving your body actually not as a body, you are moving your body as Consciousness itself.

Where you come from in each moment of life manifests the circumstances of your life. The deeper you come from within your heart, the higher the frequency you will awaken to and manifest the body, the life differently.

When we are in our heart and through the practice of The Form, there is a deeper response to our daily life than the usual. In this deeper response, we transcend the usual patterning of our human race, of our own self and transform it in our own inner experience.

During the workshop you will learn Part 1 of the five-part movement of The Form Reality Practice. There will be plenty of opportunity to share and deeply enquire about your deeper discovery.


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