Odiine Krogsgård

Odiine Krogsgård


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Having more than 30 years of experience of working in the terapeutuc field, more therapeutic educations inc. transbiological Trauma/ phycoTherapist and trance/ reconnective healer. So I imediately knew the power of transformation in practicing Cosmoform and The Form reality practice. The profound power of these movements in the magnetic field, connecting to the power and the deepth of the heart, is beyond anything I have ever moved in. It opens to that one really is beyond name, story, trauma, patterns culture and the physical body..

These movements really goes to the core, opens to space of no form and deep healing from the unconsious happen. It has changed the way i see and move in life . It has opened my heart into softness , to the power of presence of now, to stillness and to that I am ….being ... ….essens... love.

There is an ungoing movement and deepening in teaching and sharing the form and a deep inspiration and heart felt joy in seeing others being touched by the movements ,seing the reflexion of the movements in the shining of the eyes. It is a true gift to human.

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