Mamiko Kimura

Mamiko Kimura


← Australia

← Japan

I honour this pure movement of Love that allows me to go deeper in this physical body. As a family with a young child learning to grow in Unity and Love, the practice of The Form has been essential for that to evolve. I still remember so softly and clearly the pureness that The Form produced as soon as I started to move and the purification, sacredness and power it has for my being and heart. As I deepen every move in the dance, I find the true ‘prayer’ that I have been searching for in my journey as a human being. 

I am eager to grow and deepen in my journey as a mother, a lover, and as a being. I am sincerely grateful for the gift of The Form Reality Practice that enables me to remember there only really is the Love that I Am and I can choose to be that in every movement in Life.

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