Eric Wolrath

Eric Wolrath


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The Form Reality Practice is where all of B Prior's teachings and transmission come together in my everyday life in a way that keeps me opening and evolving on a daily basis, helps me stay in touch with my deepest inner knowing and grounds it into all my relations and everyday life activities. Initially I was drawn to B's talks since I found them so refreshingly straight forward and deep. Only after having participated in a longer retreat he offered where The Form was taught in full did I experience the power of this practice and its potential for ongoing transformation in my daily life. 

When I got home from the retreat I was astounded to find that all my personal relationships, including my intimate one, had shifted quite dramatically to more “True” forms. This has left me deeply touched, moved and inspired by what The Form has to offer us all and is the reason I have taken on the wonderful challenge to share this practice with others that also want to explore their deeper nature and potential in their daily lives.

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