Dorthe (BJ) Bjerre - Melbourne (South East)

Dorthe (BJ) Bjerre - Melbourne (South East)


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+61 411777801

The Form Reality Practice, in my personal experience so far, is a subtly powerful tool, a sequence of Movements, which upon my first encounter, a demonstration of one small movement within the sequence, it instantly resonated deeply within. Spurring my learning of this ever evolving practise, it continues transforming my life, to being more in alignment with my greater Heart, and compels me beyond mind based structured Fears and Beliefs, to becoming more self Aware, Real, Embodied and Move organically in this mystery we call Life, all whilst Humbling my Humanness. Truth, Authenticity, Spontaneity and to serve Humanity has always been calling from the core of my Being, and the opportunity to now Teach and share this practice requires Honour and Integrity in my whole Being and only wish to inspire others to the depth of their Being.

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